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Software Defined Storage

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The growth rate of data in organizations is exponential and irreversible, increasing the pressure on IT managers who need to optimize and plan for rapid expansion of storage capacity. There is a long-term solution for the interminable demand for storage capacity that delivers true economies of scale, and you've just found it. It's called LStore:
  • EFFICIENT: 50% more usable storage than Hadoop
  • SCALABLE: Add capacity by connecting any kind of disk device
  • SPEED: Data transfers of +70Gbps over LAN and WAN connections
  • FLEXIBLE: Designed for local and global deployments
  • SECURE: Easily configured for large-scale, multi-tenant implementations
  • HIGH-VALUE PLATFORM: monetize each gigabyte at least 8 times

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LStore is a software-only storage solution that turns commodity hardware into easy-to-manage, scalable block storage. By breaking the traditional storage model and purchasing hardware independent of software, you're free to create solutions that meet the unique data needs of your organization at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage vendors.
If you are a software development company, you can use our technology to build powerful solutions that rely on storage through seamless integration via our APIs.
  • Create your own block or object storage
  • Use any commodity or highend hardware
  • Easily integrate our technology with your own solutions
  • Keep your storage costs low and under control
  • Extend the life of your current storage investment
  • Create elastic, resilient, secure and innovative services

About LStore

About us

Nevoa Networks

Nevoa Networks as been working for more than 12 years to make sure companies, institutions, and data centers can be worry-free when it comes to growing their storage capacity. The result is that we can deliver that peace of mind regardless of the size of the project. If all you need is a few hundred terabytes or if you are preparing for exabytes, we can get you there.


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